Festa junina na escola com grande participação de público


Interviewees: Érica, Communication and Marketing Manager, and Maria Eduarda, Administrative Assistant of the Contracts sector

Segment: Education institution

Scope: Belo Horizonte

Loyola College is an extremely traditional educational institution in the capital of Minas Gerais, which makes its June festival an important event for the city’s calendar. The festival has been happening for decades, bringing together students, families, and educators for a whole day marked by food, games, typical dances, and also a keen focus on environmental sustainability.

To carry out the publication and management of the event, as well as ticket sales, the College chose Sympla, the country’s leading event platform. With tools capable of serving all types and sizes of productions, the solution will also be used at this year’s festival, assisting the school with online sales and participant control.

Keep reading to learn more about the partnership.

The challenge

Every year, Loyola College hosts a party for more than 5000 people, lasting about 10 hours and involving more than 200 professionals. Not to mention the students and teachers, of course, who dedicate themselves to creating banners, decorating spaces, dance performances, and raising awareness about socio-environmental justice. In fact, this will be the theme of the 2024 festivity, which promises to provoke a reflection on environmental preservation for those in attendance, as Érica, head of the Communication and Marketing team, explains.

“It is undoubtedly the largest event on the school calendar,” she says. “It’s a complete rush! Involves a lot of people, a lot of work in terms of logistics because everything has to be perfect. But in the end, it always works out and it’s rewarding to see everyone participating in the party,” says Maria Eduarda, administrative assistant of the institution.

All this means that the College needs to control the entry of thousands of people throughout a whole day, in addition to organizing the dance program, stalls, and other attractions within the event.

Loyola College. Photography by Fabiano Aguiar, 2024

The solution

And with so many challenging tasks, the institution has been relying on Sympla to make it work! The platform is used for ticket sales with total control and security. With it, it is possible to track in real time a view of the flow of ticket sales, paid or free, since the event was created.

“It’s a party for five thousand people, it would be difficult to control this internally,” says Maria Eduarda. According to her, with the support of a tool, it is easier to have a control of how many participants will come, “helps in the predictability of food and drink, logistical control,” she says.

Furthermore, Mila Gonçalves, a Sympla analyst who serves the institution, highlights the importance of controlling entry at the school’s June festival. She emphasizes that Sympla’s check-in – the validation of tickets at the entrance – can be done with and without the Internet, which contributed to a frictionless flow at the last edition of the festival.

Loyola College. Photography by Fabiano Aguiar, 2024


The partnership

The Loyola Festival, united by socio-environmental justice will take place on July 08, from 08:00 to 18:00. For Mila Gonçalves, from Sympla, the expectation is for another unforgettable celebration for the entire community. “It’s the second year that I have the pleasure of being in contact with the Loyola College team, last year’s festival was a success, we are sure that the 2024 edition will be even more incredible,” she explains. Tickets will be available soon.

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