Vacina contra a dengue do Instituto Butantan chegará a São Paulo em 2025, afirma Tarcísio

According to São Paulo Governor Tarcísio de Freitas (Republicanos), the Butantan Institute’s dengue vaccine is expected to be available in the country by 2025. The statement was made during an interview with CBN radio on Wednesday morning (31).

“We have been working with Butantan for a while. Brazil is acquiring a vaccine from Japan, but the quantity is still insufficient. We are developing our own vaccine. It will be very advanced, the best dengue vaccine in the world, and it will be administered in a single dose,” said the governor.

“The forecast is that it will be ready in September and we are trying to advance this schedule. We will present it to Anvisa [National Health Surveillance Agency], so that next year we can manufacture and supply it to the entire Brazil. The idea – and it depends on the negotiations with Anvisa – is that it will be available in 2025.”

The Butantan Institute confirmed the information to Folha de S.Paulo.

Tarcísio de Freitas also announced the creation of an inter-secretarial committee to combat the Aedes aegypti mosquito, the vector for dengue, chikungunya, zika and urban yellow fever.

The committee, which will involve the civil defense, aims to involve municipalities to mobilize a greater number of agents in the fight against the vector. The idea is to work on monitoring and identifying risk areas, water accumulation points, which can be breeding grounds for the mosquito.

“We have an immediate problem, so we are creating this emergency operational committee, which will bring together agents from various secretariats and the civil defense so that we can coordinate with the municipalities, expand the capillarity, the number of arms to, at this moment, fight against the vector,” said the governor.

The state of São Paulo has recorded at least seven deaths from dengue since the beginning of 2024. In addition to the four deaths reported by the CVE (Epidemiological Surveillance Center), the cities of Bebedouro, Jacareí, and Dois Córregos have reported the deaths of three residents infected by the virus in recent days.
So far, there have been two fatal cases in Bebedouro, two in Pindamonhangaba, one in Dois Córregos, and two in Jacareí, which declared a state of emergency on Monday (29).

In the last update from the CVE, until January 20, the state had recorded 10,728 cases of dengue and four deaths. Last year, at the same time, there were eight deaths.